Every athlete deserves to get back exactly what they are putting into their training. Training for performance begins with testing your fitness and creating trainings zones.  Zones are specific to your current fitness level. Periodic testing or evaluation is needed to track fitness trends over time.  Fitness and training zones are subject to change depending on the time of year or season; it’s normal! Training zones can be identified with various degrees of technology including power meters, lactate testing or power based testing protocols. Thresholds can also be established through training rides or races in consultation with a trained coach.


Testing + Goal Setting + Training Programs + Great Coaching = Success

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Formal testing:

The key to any training is accurate and repeatable testing. Each test gives you the current state of fitness which identifies the short term and long term effects of your training. Testing should be done periodically, every 4 – 6 weeks. At Chilkoot we offer three types of testing: 1) Maximal Lactate Steady State 2) RAMP Lactate 3) Power Profiling.



Goal setting

Setting short term and long term goals for the year and season are essential.  It keeps every athlete on track and motivated. Short term goals might be goals you want to achieve per day, week and month. Long term goals are usually something that you want to complete within 1 – 4 years. We help you set up and reach your short term goals which will set you up for success with your long term goals.


Structured Training Program

The key in meeting your short and long term goals is a structured training program.  Programs are individually tailored to your goals and current level of fitness.  Training programs can be set up to allow for daily, weekly or monthly workout adjustments based on measured performance parameters and feedback from the athlete.  Here at Chilkoot the preferred tool for measruing performance parameters is apower meter which gives a perspective on how your body is adapting, responding and progressing.  In addition, parameters measure with a power meter provide an indication that a more detailed test is needed to adjust your training program.



Levon Kalemkiarian M.S.

Levon has been coaching endurance athletes in a professional setting since 2008.  His educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelors in Exercise Sport Science.  He is certified through USA Cycling as a Level 2 coach and is Functional Movement Screen certified to assess flexibility and strength limitations. He has an exceptional understanding of the cardiopulmonary system following his graduate internship in the cardiac rehab unit.