We have chosen brands that we feel are the best in the industry. 



Their motto is they love bikes, riding them, making them, and getting new riders on them.  They are driven to innovate since good enough never created anything truly great.  Its these basic principles that drives Specialized to create truly great bikes, bike equipment and rider gear.  To find out more check out specialized at www.specialized. com



All their bikes are designed with five core principles in mind, Aero, Stiffness, Weight, Comfort and Simplicity.  Put these principles into practice and you get a company that builds the fastest and lightest pro bikes for road, tri, and track.  Here at Chilkoot we have a full line of their Tri P series, Road S series and the bike of the year R series in house for you to ride and see for yourself the difference a great bike makes in your riding experience.  To find out more check our Cervelo at www.cervelo.com




Cannondale prides themselves in making the most kickass, cutting edge frames in cycling.  They lead the bike industry with their stand on system integration. Simply put, system integration is the design of frames and component technology as a complete package.  The result is a perfect harmony between systems which even the "average" rider can appreciate.  For more information vistit www.cannondale.com



Moots handcrafts high-performance titanium bicycle frames and components with the goal of building the best-fitting, finest riding bike they will ever own.  We love having MOOTS as part of of our shop, every frame we have had them build is done so with exacting attention to detail at a cost that is so affordable it often astounds our customers.  Want to find out more about this exceptional frame manufacture to to www.moots.com



Everything Castelli does is geared toward speed and comfort.  They were the first clothing company to have lycra, the first to use color, the first to sublimate, the first synthetic winter clothing, the first to use windproof membranes and so much more.  As far as we are concerned Castelli is still on the forefront of innovation still making some of the most comfortable and fastest bike clothing available.  To see their entire line of great clothing go to www.castelli-cycling.com



It may be hard to believe but one of the most innovative and fastest wheels available are made right here in Shorevew MN by HED cycling.  Steve Hed and his team continue to set the industry standard on wheel design with the C2 rim which vastly improved aerodynamics, better cornering, lower rolling resistance and greater rider comfort.  Not enough for you?  HED added stability control technology to crate a wheel that is fast in ALL wind conditions (not just the wind tunnel).  To read more about this amazing company go to www.hedcycling.com



Giro is located at that prefect intersection between surf and mountains in Santa Cruz California, where people of an independent mindset, iconoclasts who set their own priorities, where corporate interest a placed way, way behind human values.  Put THESE folks to work and you get world class helmets, shoes and other cycling accessories.  See their entire line at www.giro.com