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First Friday featuring Maribeth Gedatus and Susan Solomon

Maribeth (Beth) Gedatus is a photographer and writer who is honored to call the picturesque St. Croix Valley home.  Beth’s love for the endless beauty that surrounds each day is what she tries to capture in her images. Her work has been greatly influenced by, and infused with, the elements she sees in her work with the elderly, and those in hospice. The question she explores in her work is; what do we define as beauty when we look beyond the confines of perfection? Beth is a Master of Fine Arts graduate from Hamline University. To contact Beth email to, To see more of her work please visit,

Susan Solomon is a freelance paintress living in the beautiful Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. She is always inspired by the natural world and any given landscape, from sea to sky. She also loves working with poets and fiction writers, painting impressions of their words. Susan is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the school where David Lynch put in some time. To see more work or to contact, please visit