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First Friday May 2017 Keith Miesel

Artist Bio


Twin Cities-based for the last 40 years, Keith Miesel was born and raised in a farming area northeast of Detroit. He got his first camera, a plastic roll-film box camera, around age 10, using it to shoot pictures of family and friends.  He later attended Michigan Technological University in the Upper Peninsula, and moved to Minneapolis after graduation.  While at Michigan Tech he photographed for the school weekly, the Yearbook and the Winter Carnival Pictorial, and studied photography and film with Professor Joe Kirkish, a Copper Country arts icon who remains a friend and influence to this day.  In the Twin Cities Keith studied with and was mentored by George Gambsky, a Minor White protege’ who taught at what was then the Crystal Bay Art Center, now known as the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. 


He has travelled and photographed in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and India.  He has made annual trips to photograph the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota for the last 40-odd years, and has partnered with the Save the Boundary Waters campaign to illustrate through photography its unique and precious value.  A portion of proceeds from sales of prints is donated to the cause of protecting this area from environmental threat from proposed copper-nickel mining at the Wilderness Area boundary. 


Besides this show, Keith’s work can be seen at his Studio 116 space in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis (; at the Northwoods Friends of the Arts Gallery in Cook, MN (; and online at  For more information on open studioand other events, or for other inquiries, go to the Contact Information page on the site, or email him at